Bitters Demystified

Bitters date back to the 1700s originally touted as natural, cure all health tonics derived from roots and barks.

A ‘cocktail’ was historically defined as spirit + sugar + bitters + water (prior to the luxury of ice). The modern day fashion in which a barman integrates bitters into a cocktail is not unlike a chef integrating seasoning into a dish. Bitters allow for incorporation of flavor into a cocktail without altering the balance.

At Urban Farmer Portland our innovative and DIY minded team has created a library of individual tinctures (single ingredient infusions) such as cacao, coffee, cinnamon, chinchona bark, citrus peel, green tea and sarsaparilla just to name a few. After a 3 month infusion in our Barrel Room, the finely tuned palates of our culinary and bar teams collaborate on custom blends of bitters created to highlight the season and compliment the cuisine for a truly hand crafted cocktail.