Urban Farmer, a Modern Steakhouse, Portland, OR

Where’s the beef? A butcher’s view from the back-of-the-house! Urban Farmer sources 1/2 a cow bi-weekly from local Oregon Farm, Highland Oak Farm. Chef Ryan is charged with wrestling this hind quarter and separate short loin in preparation for the UF menus. The Highland Oak Farm can be enjoyed in a number of ways; New York strip, bone-in ribeye, filet, fried beef short rib with horseradish aioli and house-made brisket, pastrami, beef liver pate, Philly cheese steaks and all of their house ground beef.

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Urban Farmer


Dim Sum

Urban Farmer, our Modern Steakhouse has been busy playing with their food! Chef Matt is incorporating elements from their seafood offerings into platters for sharing; these offerings include tuna Carpaccio with caviar and pork rinds, their Urban Farmer shrimp cocktail, oysters and a smaller version of their famed crab salad with hearts of palm and orange.  This offering will be coming soon for large in-house groups due to popular demand!

Meet the Talent: Matt Christianson


Chef Matt Christianson

Q&A With Matt Christianson, Executive Chef, Urban Farmer Restaurant, Portland, OR


How long have you worked for Sage Restaurant Group?

Chef Matt: I began working for Sage Restaurant Group on March 17th, in 2009


What are your favorite foods and drinks at Urban Farmer & Departure restaurants, located at The Nines Hotel?

Chef Matt: As the Executive Chef of the Nines I enjoy many different styles of food on a daily basis. For instance Departure’s jasmine tea is perfect for calming down & Urban Farmer’s Stumptown coffee is great for ramping up for a busy shift. I also enjoy Departure’s carrot and avocado salad for sweet richness and bright acidity. If I am in the mood for something on the comfort side I enjoy Urban Farmer’s brussels sprouts with almond brittle, it reminds me of eating popcorn followed by a Butterfinger =). Also, I can’t forget Chef Sean, his chocolate chip cookies are delicious & to blame for the extra pounds I could stand to lose.



Where did you work before you joined SRG?

Chef Matt: The Hotel Bolderado in Boulder, CO and previous to that I worked in San Francisco with Bradley Ogden.



What do you like to do when you are not cooking delicious food?

Chef Matt: I enjoy riding & exploring the Portland, OR area on my road bike and playing with my 4 and 6 year old sons.