Dinner Under the Antlers


Last month, Chef de Cuisine Chris Starkus hosted the first meal in his dinner Under the Antlers series. Chef Starkus conceptualized this dinner series after we got a wooden tabletop made to fit over the pool table that sits in the middle of our library. This transforms the upscale casual lounge space into a private dining affair that offers a unique experience. In his first dinner, Chris partnered with local seafood purveyor Flying Fish Co. to highlight sustainably caught fish. He put uncommon delicacies on the menu such as escargot caviar and monkey-faced eel – both of which were highly regarded. Look forward to a new dinner Under the Antlers at least once a month for the foreseeable future!

Barrel-aged World Cup Cocktail


Embracing the world’s fervor surrounding this year’s cup, barkeep Tyler has prepared a play on the famous Brazilian cocktail, the caipirinha. The Brazilian features Leblon cachaça, falernum and lime bitters and was put into one of our barrels on the opening day of the World Cup. We’ll be tasting as the cup progresses but if all goes to plan we’ll be tapping the barrel on the day of the final. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the world’s greatest sporting event and hope to share our appreciation with you!



Negroni Week

Urban Farmer PORTLAND

Negroni Week


Imbibe and Campari are celebrating one of the world’s great cocktails by organizing a week of negroni inspired specials and promotions. Not only does this mean tasty cocktails all week long but a portion of all negronis sold will donated to a charity of the bar or restaurant’s choice! As this event was partially inspired by local barkeep Douglas Derrick of Nostrana, our head barman, Tyler, has been working on a special negroni that we’ll feature exclusively from June 2nd through the 8th! We’ll be donating a dollar from every drink to the Oregon Wildlife Conservation. Make sure to stop in for a negroni come June!





Pastry Chef Carrie Merrill has been hard at work revamping our dessert menu by tweaking old favorites and designing many new dishes. Her focus has been on shareable desserts – moving away from larger portions of one heavy dish (though we’ll still have some of those!) and adding smaller, cheaper bites that you can get a few of and share with your dinner guests. This approach allows her and her team to be more creative as well as refined with their work. As everyone who works with us here can attest, she’s doing a fantastic job! We’ve all had the pleasure to taste her creations and give what feedback we can between bites of rare ice creams and unheard of cookies. Some of us may never want the menu finalized…


A few favorites that you may seen soon are a candy cap mushroom creme caramel (it tastes like maple syrup!), whoopie pies with whipped cream and homemade kisses and a rotating selections of ice creams with appropriate pairings (think rocky road ice cream with fudge brownie sticks and candied almonds). We hope to have all of these delights available soon otherwise we’re going to have to buy a new, larger, wardrobe