Portland’s DIY Mentality

Urban Farmer Portland

We’re proud to announce that our Chef de Cuisine, Chris Starkus, will be representing us in Tokyo later this fall. He joins one time competitor and frequent collaborator, The Side Yard Farm’s Stacey Givens, and local artisans on a trip to showcase Portland’s DIY mentality. They’ll be cooking at a new farmer’s market and exploring the bourgeoning urban farm scene. Chef Starkus will bring his culinary expertise along with the gardening and beekeeping skills he’s developed on our roof and in his own homestead. We can’t wait for him to share his travels!


Urban Farmer PDX


Urban Farmer is getting in on the fun in a couple of ways at this year’s Feast, the Pacific Northwest’s largest food festival. We’ll be featured at their newest marquee event, Smoked! Where open fire and smoke are used in creative ways. Chefs Matt and Chris are keeping tight-lipped as to what they’re making but knowing them it’s sure to be equally whacky and tasty! Chef Matt has also teamed up with Whole Foods to make an “Urbanh Mi” for the Sandwich Invitational. Although he won’t be competing, the sandwich will be available in all Portland Whole Foods for the weeks surrounding Feast. We can’t wait to taste it