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We recently collaborated with an amazingly talented local club of 3D printing enthusiasts to begin an art project that is whimsically educational. The 3D Printing Meetup Group came together to design a full scale cow and have it printed on 14 different printers in the community. Kids as young as 11 participated in the project that took over 700 hours to complete. In the end, the 99 pieces were brought back to the restaurant to be assembled and the full cow, dubbed “Veronin”, was unveiled. Look for another collaboration with a local startup to bring visual effects and interactivity to the piece, which will be on display in the street level window of the hotel very soon.


National Egg Day At Urban Farmer

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National Egg Day was first declared a day of celebration due to a severe poultry plague that devastated Europe at the beginning of the first millennium. Three years after the plague had begun, Emperor Claudius Nero Germanicus challenged nobles to eat eggs to prove to the peasants that it was indeed now safe to do so. One finally accepted the challenge and invited all to witness his meal of boiled eggs. Showing no ill effects, the Romans once again embraced eggs and poultry. As a result, Claudius issued a royal proclamation dedicating the third day of June as the Holy Roman Day of Eggs and we couldn’t agree more. Urban Farmer goes through dozens of eggs daily, from scrambles and benedicts in the morning to deviled delights and sunny side up, we love eggs!