Brunch Time

November 5, 2013
We’re incredibly happy to finally unveil a project we’ve been working on this fall. With summer ending and the monotonous gray days rapidly approaching we thought it would be fun to engage our guests outside of the hotel. Since a lot of us are avid gamers (there’s a two player arcade table in our cafeteria) we made our own video game! Shadowvision, a local design company, helped turn our dream into reality.


Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.07.22 AM


Taking one of our scrumptious English muffins and pitting him against our cooks was the inspiration. Archduke Muffington, as he’s been named, takes a cue from Pac-man as the player guides him through the maze, eating poached eggs and whatever tasty treats the chefs drop. Just don’t let the chefs catch him or he’ll be turned into a benedict! The game is silly and fun but challenging, a reflection of what it’s like working in Chef Matt’s kitchen.


But wait! We didn’t just want to make a game for people to enjoy playing, we wanted to make a game that people want to win! Therefore, every Friday through the month of November we’re going to give the highest score brunch for two! No fine print here, just delicious steak and eggs and, of course, benedicts waiting for the person who can guide Archduke Muffington to the biggest brunch possible. Well, what’re you waiting for? It’s Brunch Time!