Holy Cow!

October 5, 2012

Portland is known for utilizing fresh ingredients, sourcing food locally, and bringing the farm to the table. However, nobody brings the farm to the table as well as us. Urban Farmer partnered with Scot Laney and Eat Oregon First to bring something new to the table this September. You may know Scot Laney, the infamous producer at Basque Ranch who sources Cascade Red beef, the first new cattle breed in the US in nearly 50 years. Chef Matt partnered with him for Cascade Red and has now partnered exclusively with him for Oregon Classic Beef, which is very limited; so much in fact, that we were only able to get half a cow.

Laney Family Farms Beef is pasture raised, then 120 day corn fed. In true Urban Farmer style, Chef Matt utilized every inch of the cow, boasting beautiful tomahawk rib chops, among other cuts, which sold out in the course of a single weekend.