Land Dinner

October 3, 2013

On October 17th Chef Gregory and Chef Justin Wills move inland for their collaborative Land Dinner—the second dinner of their two part Land and Sea Dinner Series. The two chefs will join forces for a five-course celebration of food from the land, featuring premiere game meats and fresh fall produce – showcasing ingredients from the forests and farmlands surrounding Portland. Working with Eat Oregon First and Nicky USA, game meats will take center stage, along with Oregon’s best native wild plants.
Wills’ and Gourdet’s shared love of wild foods and seasonal ingredients is the perfect match for a collaboration. The Sea Dinner this past April took place at Restaurant Beck and incorporated fresh spring vegetables and an inspired menu of the best seafood from the Oregon Coast. The Land Dinner will feature freshly foraged ingredients with a focus on the bountiful Pacific Northwest autumn harvest.
Gregory is extremely excited to cook alongside Wills, who was recently nominated as a semifinalist for Best Chef Northwest for the 2013 James Beard Foundation Awards and was included in the 2013 inaugural edition of Best Chefs America.
Exclusive look at the menu below:
ROASTED SQUAB, Matsutake Ganache, Pine Sap, Birch Crumble
CHESTNUT SOUP, Wild Boar Bacon, Roasted Squash Dumpling, Maple, Ginger, Thyme
GOOSE, with Chinese Spices, Pickled Persimmon, 5-Spice Jacobsen Salt
COFFEE RUB OREGON VENISON, Slow Roasted in Juniper Branches, Candied Parsnips, Native Blackberry Jus
DARK WOODBLOCK CHOCOLATE TART, Beet Caramel Center, Pistachio Ice Cream, Wild Rose Hip Jam

land_final copy