Market Wednesdays

Market Wednesdays

October 3, 2013

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We’re lucky enough in this city to have a plethora of fresh, local produce. There’s a opens in a new windowfarmer’s market in almost every neighborhood and some have two or three! Our closest markets are the big, tourist-friendly PSU Market on Saturdays and the smaller, more intimate Shemanski Market that’s open during limited hours on Wednesdays. Because we try to pick up as many fruits and vegetables as possible during these trips (usually leaving with hundreds of pounds loaded chin high in our rugged wagon) it’s become a tradition for the chefs and anyone else to head out on Wednesdays to shop.

We have our favorite vendors, of course, which we always pick up peaches, apricots and berries from. opens in a new windowUnger Farms has been supplying us with late season strawberries that somehow retain that full summer flavor well into September. opens in a new windowBaird’s peaches and nectarines are probably our heaviest pick up, especially recently as we’ve been making and canning peach jam as fast as possible so we can keep it on the menu during the rainy months. However, the best farmer’s market moments are when we stumble across a farmer whose stand we’ve somehow overlooked in past trips, and it turns out he’s got some wild veggie or herb that our cooks can’t wait to experiment with.

Most recently Chef Jessica has helmed the market trips and just today threw together this salad for our lunch tasting menu based almost entirely off yesterday’s finds: roasted peppers with opens in a new windowPortland Creamery chèvre, zucchini and pine nuts. We highly suggest coming in for lunch on the days following Wednesday to experience something particularly unique and fresh!

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