Meet the Talent: Matt Christianson

Meet the Talent: Matt Christianson

February 7, 2011


Chef Matt Christianson

Q&A With Matt Christianson, Executive Chef, Urban Farmer Restaurant, Portland, OR


How long have you worked for Sage Restaurant Group?

Chef Matt: I began working for Sage Restaurant Group on March 17th, in 2009


What are your favorite foods and drinks at Urban Farmer & Departure restaurants, located at The Nines Hotel?

Chef Matt: As the Executive Chef of the Nines I enjoy many different styles of food on a daily basis. For instance Departure’s jasmine tea is perfect for calming down & Urban Farmer’s Stumptown coffee is great for ramping up for a busy shift. I also enjoy Departure’s carrot and avocado salad for sweet richness and bright acidity. If I am in the mood for something on the comfort side I enjoy Urban Farmer’s brussels sprouts with almond brittle, it reminds me of eating popcorn followed by a Butterfinger =). Also, I can’t forget Chef Sean, his chocolate chip cookies are delicious & to blame for the extra pounds I could stand to lose.



Where did you work before you joined SRG?

Chef Matt: The Hotel Bolderado in Boulder, CO and previous to that I worked in San Francisco with Bradley Ogden.



What do you like to do when you are not cooking delicious food?

Chef Matt: I enjoy riding & exploring the Portland, OR area on my road bike and playing with my 4 and 6 year old sons.