Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Dry January

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Dry January

January 15, 2019

Are you participating in Dry January this year? Most of us think of this month-long meditation in alcohol abstinence as a modern phenomenon; just a fad catapulted into popularity by social media. However, the origins of Dry January can be traced back to a war-effort campaign put on by the Finnish government in 1942 called ‘Sober January’. To this day, Finland ranks as one of the top countries for alcohol consumption, and this early crusade was an attempt to get Finns to drink less in lean times.

The rise of present-day Dry January can be attributed to our friends in the United Kingdom by way of a public-service campaign. Researchers have correlated lower rates of harmful drinking episodes over long periods of time after participating in the month-long program. Health benefits can also include improved immune system function, improved digestion and sleep, and improved liver function.

Urban Farmer would like to support your decision to go dry in the New Year! Upgrade from your usual iced tea or soda water to a fancy non-alcoholic cocktail that will make even your non-sober friends jealous. For this non-alcoholic cocktail, we used fresh Mount Hood huckleberries to produce a sweetened huckleberry syrup.

Huckleberry Joe

¾ oz of huckleberry simple syrup (substitute your favorite flavored syrup!)

¾ oz of fresh-squeezed lime juice

¾ oz of pineapple juice

Shake, pour over ice, and top with soda water. Add a lime wheel or fresh huckleberries for garnish!