Pacific Rogue 100% Wagyu

November 30, 2013

Chef Matt and his team are constantly on the lookout for higher quality meat. Farm visits, cattle comparisons and, yes, tastings are an important part of their job. As such, our cooks are not only experts at preparing food and choosing quality ingredients but at knowing what it takes to foster a healthy animal’s growth as well as the sustainability of the industry. Because of this it’s always an exciting day in the kitchen when a new animal comes in from a new rancher. This happened recently when we received a rare 100% Wagyu raised by a local. Wagyu cattle, infamously massaged and fed beer in the Kobe region of Japan, are now common in the US but breeding and import laws make it very difficult to find a pure bred. Here at Urban Farmer we’re always experimenting with various levels of cross breeds but Chef Matt can count on one hand how many times he’s gotten to butcher a specimen like this. The marbling is unprecedented as well as the tenderness and flavor. Not only does this amount to better tasting steak, but it allows us to offer cuts of beef that are usually too tough to eat medium rare. Instead of having to relegate shank meat to be braised or ground, we’re serving a perfectly marbled cut that has a texture unlike anything we’ve ever tasted! Since discovering this rancher and his extraordinary cattle, we’re excited to consistently offer this beef on our menu.

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