First Course

$41/2 Shell Oysters*lemon, mignonette

Pacific Coast........ $4
Atlantic Coast........ $4

$20Grass-fed Tenderloin Tartare*pickled mushroom, parmesan

$13Sweet Corn Soupgrapefruit, beet, pea greens

$18Chilled Shrimptamarind cocktail, cipollini, celery root

$16Heirloom Tomato Souplobster, grilled fennel, dill

$22Seared Foie Grascashew, cognac berries, brioche, nasturtium


$12Local Greensshaved vegetables, summer fruit, honey vinaigrette

$14Farmer Chopsummer vegetables, aquaponic lettuce, edamame-mint, ramp dressing

$14Caesar*parmesan, garlic-caper dressing, white anchovy

$14Heirloom Tomatoesgoat feta, olive, pesto hummus

Charcuterie & Cheese

$14Charcuteriehouse-made and artisanal selections, pickled vegetables, preserves, mustard

........ $14
........ $22

$21Chef's Selection

$7Cheeselocal and old world selections, seasonal accompaniments, house-made triticale cracker


New York Steak Tasting

$68New York Steak Tasting6 oz each: Oregon grass-fed, Brandt prime and Painted Hills twenty-one day dry aged

New York

$5014 oz Carman RanchOregon, grass-fed

$8212 oz 7X Wagyu BeefColorado

$6514 oz Brandt PrimeCalifornia, corn-fed

$6018 oz Painted HillsOregon, grain-finished, bone in


$508 oz PiedmonteseNebraska, grain-finished

$488 oz Carman RanchOregon, grass-fed


$5824 oz Laney Family FarmsOregon, corn-finished, bone in

$7620 oz 7X Wagyu BeefColorado

$5314 oz Carman RanchOregon, grass-fed

Butcher's Cuts

$3612 oz Brandt FlatironCalifornia, corn-fed

$6224 oz Painted Hills PorterhouseOregon, grain-finished


$8Blue Cheese-Truffle Butter

$10Bone Marrowmaple-mustard, thyme

$8Oregon Wasabi Creme Fraiche

$16Broiled 1/2 Lobster Taillemon-basil butter


$32Coriander Crusted Bone in Pork Loinhazelnut, ginger peach

$37Duck Breastlentils, fava, fennel and pear

$30Roasted Half Chickensweet corn, and green tomato salsa, black pepper bbq


$38Cedar Plank King Salmon*clam and sweet corn chowder, lemon, thyme-pepper oil

$40Alaskan Halibutchorizo, saffron spatzle, black garlic, peas

$35Oregon Albacore Tunashiitake black rice, stone fruit chutney


$12Creamed Spinach Gratin

$12Charred Carrot and Romanescohazelnut chermoula

$8Yukon Gold Potato Purée

$13Twice Baked Fingerling Potato Tartcheddar, bacon, chives

$13Roasted Zucchinitomato confit, heirloom basil

$15Roasted Foraged Mushroomsshallot

$7Farm Friesrusset burbank

$11Baked Mac n' Cheesecured tomato, brioche crumbs

$12Wilted Spinachverjus onion, apple and walnut

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