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Oregon from Barrel to Bar

Northwest Wines and Portland Spirits

Our relationship with local producers extends beyond our kitchen doors with our beverage program. The Urban Farmer cocktail list celebrates the early American cocktail culture of the 1800’s and its evolution through prohibition. We continue to celebrate this heritage by showcasing Oregon craft distilleries and their abundance of unique local spirits and ingredients. All of our Draft Beer selections are produced within the Portland city limits, and our bottle selections include the best of the Northwest as well as International favorites. Over 60% of our wine list features Northwest producers with special attention given to winemakers who choose organic, sustainable and/or biodynamic techniques. Our Portland bar is proud to stay true to its roots, serving only the finest locally prepared beverages for a truly authentic dining experience.


Urban Farmer Cocktails

Icebergwheatley vodka, cocchi americano bianco, peach & grapefruit bitters; two-to-one citrus martini

Bubbles in a Pear Treeclear creek pear brandy, pineapple-infused appleton rum, lime, demerara, cava; effervescent, fruity

Vacation Modepatrón anejo tequila, luxardo maraschino, huana, agave, lime; mayan margarita made from Urban Farmer's own tequila barrel

The Nature Boyhendrick's gin, cocoa juice, lillet blanc, lemon, buddha's hand tincture; summer citrus, refreshing

Manzanitaolmeca altos reposado tequila, del maguey vida mezcal, lime, apple shrub, cinnamon; tart, slightly smoky

Big Horsemaker's mark bourbon, combier, barolo chinato, bitters; manhattan with hints of orange

Johnnie Loves Grandmajohnnie walker black, grand marnier, ramazotti, averna, bitters; old world inspired with a fresh citrus twist

Farmer #3reyka vodka, st. germain, honey, grapefruit; perfect balance of tart and sweet

Classic Cocktails

The Last Wordbeefeater dry gin, luxardo maraschino, green chartreuse, lime; This cocktail was first served at the Detroit Athletic Club in the 1920's. It soon fell out of favor until it was published in Ted Saucier's classic cocktail book, Bottom's Up!

Vespersipsmith gin, absolut elyx vodka, lillet blanc; In 1953, Ian Fleming wrote the novel, Casino Royale. While crafting his enigmatic lead character James Bond, he inadvertently created a cocktail for the ages

Boulevardierbuffalo trace bourbon, campari, sweet vermouth; This cocktail is credited to Harry MacElhone, the founder and proprietor of Harry's New York Bar in Paris, & dated to 1927. He mentions it in his book, Barflies and Cocktails where an epilogue cites Erskinne Gwynne as the actual originator of this drink

Hemingway Daiquirireal mccoy rum, luxardo maraschino, grapefruit, lime; Hemingway first had this cocktail at La Floridita bar in Havana by barman Constantino Ribalaigua Vert in the 1930's. He requested a Daiquiri with no sugar and double the rum. Evolving into what is now known as a classic

Barrel Aged Cocktailsdeveloped by our bar team, aged to perfection, served on big cube

Infinity Vieux Carreelijah craig, pierre ferrand 1840 cognac, carpano, benedictine, bitters

Joe's Industrybig gin, sombra mezcal, fernet, cynar, dry vermouth, carpano, campari

Blade's Barrelkraken spiced rum, remy vsop cognac, allspice dram, calisaya, bitters

Johnny's Tipperaryrittenhouse rye, sweet vermouth, green chartreuse

BourbonAvailable in 2oz

Amador Whiskey Co. Double Barrel

Angel's Envy Cask Strength

Basil Hayden's

Blade and Bow 22 Year Old

Blood Oath Pact No. 1, Released 2015

Blood Oath Pact No. 3, Released 2017


Bulleit 10 Year Old

Eagle Rare

E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch

E.H. Taylor, Jr. Four Grain

Elijah Craig 18 Year Old

Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel

Four Roses 130th Anniversary Small Batch

George T. Stagg, Antique Collection

High West American Prairie

I.W. Harper 15 Year Old

Jefferson's Reserve

Knob Creek Kentucky Straight


Little Book, Chapter 02: Noe Simple Task

Maker's Mark Cask Strength

Noah's Mill

Orphan Barrel Entrapment, Canadian

Orphan Barrel The Gifted Horse

Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 23 Year Old

Old Rip Van Winkle 12 Year Old

Pappy Van Winkle's 20 Years Old

Parker's Heritage Collection 11 Year Old Single Barrel

Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel

Russell's Reserve 10 Year Old

Stagg Jr.

W.L. Weller 12 Year Old

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Willett Pot Still Reserve

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Oat Grain

Angel's Envy


Blade and Bow


Blood Oath Pact No. 2, Released 2016

Blood Oath Pact No. 4, Released 2018

Booker's 30th Anniversary

Bulleit Barrel Strength

Eagle Rare 17 Year Old, Antique Collection

E.H. Taylor, Jr. Single Barrel

Elijah Craig Small Batch

Elijah Craig 23 Year Old

Four Roses Single Barrel

Four Roses Small Batch Al Young 50th Anniversary

Henry McKenna Single Barrel

Hudson Baby

Jefferson's Very Small Batch

Jefferson's Ocean

Knob Creel Single Barrel Reserve

Little Book, Batch #1: The Easy

Maker's 46

Michter's Small Batch

Old Fitzgerald 11 Year Old

Orphan Barrel Forged Oak

Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 22 Year Old

Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Old

Pappy Van Winkle's 15 Years Old

Pappy Van Winkle's 23 Years Old

Prichard's Double Barreled Bourbon

Rowan's Creek

Russell's Reserve 2002

Trail's End

W.L. Weller "Craft Your Perfect Bourbon" C.Y.P.B

Willett 80th Anniversary

William Larue Weller

Woodford Double Oaked

Yellowstone Limited Edition 7 Year

Old Forester Collection

Old Forester 1870 Original Batch

Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style

Old Forester 2016 Birthday Bourbon

Old Forester 2018 Birthday Bourbon

Old Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond

Old Forester 2015 Birthday Bourbon

Old Forester 2017 Birthday Bourbon

Old Forester Statesman

American WhiskeyAvailable in 2oz

Deschutes Brewing Black Butte Malt Whiskey, Oregon

High West Distillery Campfire, Utah

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select, Tennessee

Parker's Heritage Collection 8 Year Malt, Kentucky

Ransom Whippersnapper, Oregon

High West Distillery Bourye, Utah

House Spirits Westward American Single Malt, Oregon

Mccarthy's Single Malt, Oregon

Ransom the Emerald 1865, Oregon

American RyeAvailable in 2oz

Angel's Envy Finished Rye

Crater Lake Reserve

High West a Midwinter Night's Dream, Limited Release

High West Rendezvous Rye

Hudson Manhattan

James E. Pepper 1776, 15 Year Old

Knob Creek



Russell's Reserve 6 Year Old



WhistlePig 10 Year Old

WhistlePig Boss Hog III

WhistlePig Old World

Woodford Reserve

Booker's Limited Edition

E.H. Taylor, Jr. Straight Rye

High West Double Rye!

High West Yippe Ki-Yay, Limited Release

James Oliver

Kentucky Owl Straight Rye, Batch No. 1

Lock Stock & Barrel 13 Year Old

Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 13 Year Old


Russell's Reserve Single Barrel

Sazerac 18 Year Old, Antique Collection

Thomas H. Handy Sazerac, Antique Collection

WhistlePig 15 Year Old

WhistlePig Farmstock

Willett, 2 Year or 3 Year

Single Malt ScotchAvailable in 2oz

Aberfeldy 21 Year, Highland

Aberlour 18 Year, Highland

Ardbeg 10 Year, Islay

Ardbeg Auriverdes 2014, Islay Limited Edition

Ardbeg Kelpie 'Black Label', Islay Aged in Black Sea Oak Casks

Ardbeg Supernova 2015, Islay Super-Duper-Peated Space Scotch

Auchroisk 25 Year, Speyside Special Release

The Balvenie DoubleWood 17 Year, Speyside

The Balvenie Portwood 21 Year, Speyside Finished in Port Pipes

Glenfiddich 12 Year, Speyside

Glenfiddich 15 Year, Speyside Solera Vat

The Glenlivet 12 Year, Speyside

The Glenlivet 18 Year, Speyside Aged in American Oak

Glenmorangie 18 Year, Highland Aged in Oloroso Sherry Casks

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban, Highland Finished in Ruby Port Pipes

Lagavulin 16 Year, Islay with Massive Peat-Smoke

Laphroaig 10 Year, Islay

Oban 14 Year, Highland

Talisker 25 Year, Islay

Aberlour 16 Year, Highland

Aberlour A'bunadh, Highland Aged in Oloroso Sherry Casks

Ardbeg an Oa, Islay Aged in Sherry and Bourbon Barrels

Ardbeg Dark Cove 2016, Islay Committee Edition

Ardbeg Kelpie 'White Label', Islay Special Committee Only Edition

Ardbeg Uigeadail, Islay Aged in Sherry Casks, 'Oog-A-Dal'

The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year, Speyside

The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Year, Speyside Aged in Rum Casks

Bruichladdich, Unpeated Islay

Glenfiddich 14 Year Bourbon Barrel Reserve, Speyside

Glenfiddich 21 Year, Speyside Finished in Rum Casks

The Glenlivet 15 Year, Speyside Aged in French Oak

Glenmorangie 10 Year, Highland

Glenmorangie Nectar d'Or, Highland Aged in Sauternes Barrels

The Glenrothes Vintage Reserve, Speyside

Lagavulin 25 Year, Islay 200th Anniversary Limited Edition

Laphroaig Triplewood, Islay Triple Matured

Oban 18 Year, Highland

Highland Park Collection

Highland Park 12 Year, Highland

Highland Park 25 Year, Highland with a Perfect Score

Highland Park Valkyrie, Highland with Pronounced Smoke

Highland Park 15 Year, Highland No Longer in Production

Highland Park Magnus, Highland Named for Distillery Founder

Highland Park Dark Origins, Highland with Suitably Dark Character

The Macallan Collection

The Macallan 12 Year, Highland Aged in Sherry Oak

The Macallan 15 Year Fine Oak, Highland

The Macallan 25 Year, Highland Aged in Sherry Oak

The Macallan Edition No. 2, Highland Collab with Roca Brothers

The Macallan Edition No. 4, Highland Celebrating Macallan History

The Macallan 12 Year Double Cask, Highland

The Macallan 18 Year, Highland Aged in Sherry Oak

The Macallan Edition No. 1, Highland Aged in 8 Types of Oak

The Macallan Edition No. 3, Highland Collab with Master Perfumer

The Macallan Rare Cask, Rich Mahogany-Red Highland

Blended ScotchAvailable in 2oz

Chivas Regal 12 Year

Dewar's 18 Year

Johnnie Walker Black

Johnnie Walker Blue

Chivas Regal 18 Year

Famous Grouse

Johnnie Walker Select

Monkey Shoulder

IrishAvailable in 2oz

Green Spot Single Pot Still

Powers Signature Release

Teeling Single Grain

Jameson Black Barrel

Redbreast 12 Year Old

Japanese & TaiwaneseAvailable in 2oz

Akashi, Controversial Japanese Blended Whisky

Hibiki Harmony, 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

Iwai Tradition, Malt-Driven and Contemporary

Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky, Single Grain

Suntory Whisky Toki, 'Toki' Means Time in Japanese

Yamazaki 18 Year

Kavalan Concertmaster, Single Malt Port Cask Finish

Kavalan Oloroso Sherry Oak, Single Malt

The Hakushu 12 Year Old, Single Malt

Iwai Whisky, American-Inspired

Komagatake, Single Malt

Nikka Whisky from the Barrel

Yamazaki 12 Year, The First Japanese Single Malt

Kavalan Classic, Single Malt

Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak, Single Malt

Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique, Single Malt

Brandy & CognacAvailable in 2oz

Clear Creek Muscat Grappa, Oregon

Clear Creek Pear, Oregon

Hennessy Master Blend No. 1

Hennessy VSOP

Hennessy Paradis Impérial

Martell VSOP

Pierre Ferrand Ambre

Remy Martin XO

Clear Creek 2 Year Apple, Oregon

Germain-Robin Apple

Hennessy Master Blend No. 2

Hennessy XO

Louis Xiii

Pierre Ferrand 1840

Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal

Remy Martin 1738

AbsintheAvailable in 2oz

St. George


Wild Card


AstralAvailable in Blanco

Casa NobleAvailable in Crystal, Reposado, Añejo

CazadoresAvailable in Blanco, Reposado, Añejo

CorzoAvailable in Blanco, Reposado

EspolònAvailable in Reposado

HerraduraAvailable in Silver, Reposado, Añejo

PatrónAvailable in Silver, Reposado, Añejo

Siete LeguasAvailable in Blanco, Reposado, Añejo

AzuñiaAvailable in Reposado, Añejo

CasamigosAvailable in Blanco, Reposado, Añejo

ChamucosAvailable in Reposado

Don JulioAvailable in Blanco, Reposado, Añejo

FortalezaAvailable in Blanco, Reposado, Añejo

MilagroAvailable in Silver, Reposado, Añejo

Roca PatrónAvailable in Silver, Reposado, Añejo

Noteworthy Tequilas

Don Julio 1942

Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia

Gran Patrón Piedra Extra Añejo

Milagro Reposado Select Barrel

MezcalAvailable in 2oz

Alipús San Luis

Del Maguey Chichicapa

Del Maguey San Luis del Rio

Marca Negra Ensamble

Mezcalero No. 16


Bozal Borrego

Del Maguey Pechuga

Del Maguey Vida

Mezcalero No. 15

Mezcalero Special Edition No. 2

'No Proof' Libations

Señoritaapple shrub, cinnamon, lime, soda

Huckleberry Joepineapple, lime, huckleberry, sweet chili, soda

Trailhead Cold Brewed Coffee

Dry Soda Cucumber

Farm Pricklerprickly pear, lemonade, soda

Summer Dreamcucumber, lime, ginger beer

Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

Dry Soda Lavender

Happy HourDaily 3PM - 5PM

Daily Selection of Three Oysters*mignonette

Urban Farmer Beef Slider*English muffin

Glazed Meatballsdijonnaise

Deviled Eggshouse bacon, maple

Local Draft Selections

Roasted Spiced Nuts

Chicken PopsPortland honey-pepper glaze

Farm Friesrusset Burbank

Featured White and Red Wine


Negronibig gin, campari, sweet vermouth

Stallion Safaricruzan estate rum, elijiah craig small batch, cherry herring, angostura


SurchargeA 3% surcharge will be added to all guest checks to help cover increasing labor costs and in our support of the recent increases in minimum wage and benefits for our dedicated team members.

Health*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Please inform your server of any allergies or dietary restrictions. All hamburgers and steaks are cooked to order.


Our mixologists are continuously creating new and innovative recipes for our signature cocktails.
Our most recent undertaking is our barrel aging program. Barrel aging enhances the flavor
and character as well as giving the cocktail
a smooth mellow finish.
Please ask your bartender/server for the latest elixir.
With the support of our local vendors, we are proud to offer a special section of limited release spirits. With the high demand of these releases, we do our best to collect as many unique bottles as possible.
Please ask your bartender/server for these selections.