That Sweat On Your Brow

That Sweat On Your Brow

July 15, 2016

Hot Sauce Bottles- UFPDX

Urban Farmer, Portland’s Steakhouse, Portland, OR

Temperatures are rising in Portland, however it may be our house made hot sauce and not the summer heat responsible for that sweat on your brow.

Rooftop Garden Peppers- UFPDX

We take hot sauce seriously and ours is not for the faint of heart. What sets it apart from the rest? All of the peppers are grown in our rooftop garden; a menacing mélange of Trinidad scorpion, yellow Thai, piri piri & Mexican lemon drop peppers. Unlike the commercial hot sauces that integrate tomato and other components to their sauce which attribute to that familiar red hue, Urban Farmer hot sauce is comprised solely of peppers + vinegar. The mix is puréed, steeps for 30 days before mellowing out in one of our oak barrels before going into bottle. Next time you need a kick for that Benedict or your feeling like spicing up that Farm Burger ask for some Urban Farmer hot sauce, but proceed with caution…