Urban Farmer Cheese Steward Lindsey Walton

May 12, 2011

A unique part of the Urban Farmer experience is a visit to your table from our cheese steward Lindsey Walton. Lindsey joined the Urban Farmer team two years ago as a host. While hosting, she became more and more curious about our cheese cart. After recognizing Lindsey’s growing passion, we promoted her to cheese steward.  She immediately began putting her own touches on the program by creating house made accompaniments as well as crackers to perfectly pair with her cheese selections.  Just this week Lindsey baked house made graham crackers to serve with a triple cream cheese along with house-made applesauce and fresh thyme.  We can’t wait to see what she has in store for the cheese cart as spring ingredients arrive.  Five nights a week, Lindsay navigates the dining room by rolling her Boos butcher block cart filled with 14 unique cheese selections for tableside service.  Lindsay takes every guest on a journey through the cheese cart describing flavors, the history of each cheese and the idea behind the pairings with each table.  Our guests have repeatedly complimented Lindsey for enhancing their dining experience. We are proud to have Lindsay as an integral part of the Urban Farmer guest experience.