Urban Farmer Presents Laney Classic Beef

Urban Farmer Presents Laney Classic Beef

February 1, 2013

UrbanFarmer beef

Urban Farmer presents Laney Classic Beef

Chef Matt’s dedication to serve only the highest quality beef has led to meaningful relationships with many of Oregon’s ranchers and small operation farmers. However, one relationship in particular has blossomed into real friendship and culinary collaboration. Scot Laney, of Laney Family Farms and Eat Oregon First, has been working closely with Chef for nearly three years and their influence on each other is apparent in the United States’ first new cattle breed in almost fifty years. Scot bred the Cascade Red to show positive qualities such as marbling, tenderness and structure while Chef Matt’s knowledge of beef and dry-aging aided in the grain-finishing process. The “Laney Classic” is grass-fed up until the last few months where it is finished on brewers mash from Rogue Brewery (the grain of which Scot provides to Rogue for their beer). In working so closely with the farmer, Chef is able to fine tune the qualities he appreciates most in beef and Urban Farmer can proudly say it serves the only Laney Classic cows in the world.

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