Wagyu Beef is HERE!

February 1, 2012

Beginning November 28th, Urban Farmer is featuring 100% pure Wagyu Beef raised here in Oregon at LDR Ranch. Chef Matt Christianson has been involved in the full process of the cow being raised locally for the specific use in our restaurant.  The local rancher raises only 4 cows a year, and we are the first restaurant to purchase a whole animal from him.    Unlike other Wagyu beef enjoyed in many restaurant in this country, this will be 100% pure Wagyu and aged 21 days.  After receiving the bull in 4 pieces, Chef Matt and team began to break down the entire animal with specific cuts and utilizing the offal for other dishes in the restaurant.  In addition to some photos of Chef Matt with “Colin” and Bob, you can see General Manager of Food and Beverage David Marsh pitching in to butcher Colin as well. 

Chef Matt began a relationship with local rancher Robert La De Route back in the Spring when we purchased half a cow from him and sold out the menu in 5 days in April.  This is when Matt arranged the purchase of “Colin” – number 61.  Bob takes great care in raising only 4 bulls at a time and grows some of the food he feeds the animals on his own land, thus creating an amazing single source, locally raised product for Urban Farmer.  The many different menu items of Wagyu will be available while supplies last, and we are looking to purchase another bull early 2012.