When Chefs Go On Vacation

October 19, 2018

When Chefs Go On Vacation

Chef Matt Christianson is not good about taking time off. Perhaps it comes with the territory—Chefs are notorious workaholics—but many would attest to it simply being in his nature. Therefore, when he announced he’d be taking nearly a week off, there were skeptics among us.

And with good reason: Chef Matt was using his time off to cook for two hundred hungry mountain bikers and volunteers off-grid in the Pacific Northwest backcountry. As an avid cyclist himself, Chef Matt relishes an opportunity to give back to the cycling community and cooking for them seemed to be an easy marriage of his two great passions.

While the scenery was breath-taking; cooking for such a large group off-grid presented a unique set of challenges. Chef Matt shrugged these off with the explanation, “you just deal with it.” One of the ways he adapted to cooking in the wilderness was by foraging mushrooms, yet another pastime of his, and incorporating them into the meals he prepared.

One thing’s for certain: if you were a famished mountain biker at the end of a trail, digging into Chef Matt’s Foraged Mushroom Flatbread would be a pretty great way to celebrate finishing your race!